State Representative John Taylor (the only Republican Representative from Philadelphia) has been a busy man.  First, he was elected Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee and is charged with the task of revitalizing our Party in the City.  Second, he has led the charge to expand Pennsylvania’s Act 135, otherwise known as the Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act.

What is Act 135?  Essentially, it empowers a “party in interest,” which the Act defines as neighbors located lienholder, resident or business owner living within 500 feet of a property, a non-profit corporation, or a municipality, to combat blighted properties by taking control of the abandoned property, revitalizing or demolishing  it, and selling it.

Since Act 135 was enacted in 2008, interested parties have successfully petitioned for Court appointment of a conservator to erase blighted properties from the neighborhood landscape.  Under Act 135, neighborhoods no longer have to suffer from the damage caused by properties long ago abandoned and neglected by their “owners,” nor do they have to wait for bureaucrats in various local government agencies to take action — if they take any action at all – against the property.

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