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FAQ: Hard Money Lending Laws

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I love that my clients and readers share my views on capitalism.  In response to my previous post, “Need a Construction Loan?  Consider Hard Money Lending,” I received an overwhelming number of questions asking how people can get into the business of lending, rather than borrowing, hard money. I will answer a three of the… Continue Reading

Need a Construction Loan? Consider Hard Money Lending

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Both in the today’s print edition and on its real estate blog Developments the Wall Street Journal discusses the concept of hard money lending. As many developers already know, hard money lending is not the dark underbelly of the lending world where loan sharks swarm.  Instead, hard money lending is interim financing similar to a… Continue Reading

Wall Street Journal Takes On PLA’s

Posted in Project Labor Agreements

Hurrah to the Wall Street Journal Opinion page today for taking on Project Labor Agreements.  The Journal’s opinion piece is by far the highest profile criticism of wasteful project labor agreements.  As the editors note, the tide of public opinion is turning squarely against project labor agreements even in those areas that are sympathetic to… Continue Reading

Navigating a “Construction” Bankruptcy

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Stick around long enough and dealing with a bankruptcy during or after a construction project is inevitable.  Moreover, when a member of the construction “chain” – owner, contractor, or subcontractor – files for bankruptcy everyone is effected. Receiving a Trustee’s “preference letters” might be largest cause of irate phone calls from clients to their attorneys. … Continue Reading

“Big Stan” – The Coolest Tool In Construction

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One of the things I love about construction are the crazy pieces of equipment that are used on jobs.  Engineering New Record has a short piece about “Big Stan,” which is believed to be the world’s largest truck mounted drill.  According to ENR: The 250,000-lb, 93-ft-high boring behemoth was built in 1986 by Anderson Drilling,… Continue Reading

Common Sense Infrastructure Spending

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Today’s Wall Street Journal discusses competing infrastructure spending bills making their may through the House and Senate respectively.  After years of infrastructure programs laden with pork and bridges to nowhere coupled with a disastrous “stimulus bill,” which resulted in job loss instead of creation, it is important that investments in our nation’s infrastructure be both… Continue Reading