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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Occupy Philly and Delay Damages

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With the contract for the Dilworth Plaza renovation now awarded, the City has notified the Occupy Philly crybabies protestors that they must vacate Dilworth Plaza immediately.  However, the happy campers do not seem eager to move.  It begs the question: how long can they stay before the encampment begins to seriously impact the construction schedule… Continue Reading

Can a Subcontractor Sue an Owner for Unjust Enrichment?

Posted in Contracts

Construction lawyers representing owners frequently defend claims brought by subcontractors for unjust enrichment.  Lacking the privity necessary to bring a breach of contract claim, subcontractors allege that the owner has benefited (or been enriched by) the unpaid subcontractors work and under an unjust enrichment theory of liability should compensate the subcontractor for this work.  The… Continue Reading