I am pleased to announce that the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has granted my Motion for Summary Judgment against the City of Philadelphia involving the demolition of a property by the City’s infamous Department of License and Inspections.  A copy of the opinion is available here.  Bullard v. City of Philadelphia Opinion

The Federal Court held that the City’s Department of License and Inspection violated my client’s constitutional right to due process of law when it failed to adequately notify my client of its intention to demolish a property he was rehabilitating and failed to give him an opportunity to present his objections to the Department’s arbitrary decision to demolish a property he was in the process of constructing.

Sadly, we hear that the Department demolition of  properties through its “emergency abatement program” without affording property owners with an opportunity to be heard is all too common.  Hopefully, this recent decision will have the effect of changing their unconstitutional big government practices.


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