Anyone who has tried to undertake a significant construction project in the City of Philadelphia can testify to the brotherly love organized trade unions show them.  Well according to the Philadelphia Daily News, one developer is fighting back.

Like many developers, Post Goldtex is the victim of a classless and illegal picketing campaign brought by the Philadelphia Building Trade Council.  Among the tactics Big Labor is employing in this particularly nasty dispute is the circulation of a flyer showing the wife of the principals in the development group in a photoshopped pornographic picture.  Talk about the War on Women.  Even worst, the Philadelphia City government seems at best complicit to the entire ordeal and at worst actively involved.

However, the developers are not rolling over.  Instead they have started a web page to tell their side of the story.  In my experience, Big Labor cannot take a taste of their own medicine and the developer should aggressively counter-picket the unions and beat them at their own game.

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