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Monthly Archives: July 2012

More Environmental Mandates?

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

First, I need to thank for giving me not one but two stories to comment on today.  Bill Reed at the Inquirer reports that the Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection ban on new sewer hookups is holding up construction of several projects in Bucks County. According to the story, last month Pennsylvania DEP… Continue Reading

Philly Union Members Arrested

Posted in Picketing, Right to Work is reporting that the Philadelphia Police Department has arrested two union members for assault arising out of shenanigans at the Goldtex site.  Here is the video of the incident that led to the arrests: In an early post this month, we asked if there should be more arrests of union leaders and members for… Continue Reading

Construction Defect CLE

Posted in Contracts

For Pennsylvania attorneys interested in the fast growing construction defect area of litigation or those just  looking for last minute CLE credits, I am moderating and presenting a CLE for the Philadelphia Bar Association entitled “Construction Defect Litigation: Claims and Coverage.”  It will take place August 21, 2012 from 12:00-4:15 pm live in Philadelphia and… Continue Reading

This Is What Aging Infrastructure Looks Like

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

My crossfit buddy Chris Brennan over at Philly Clout beat me to the punch this morning with a blog post about today’s massive water main break in Philadelphia intersecting with Mayor Nutter’s call for funding to overhaul aging infrastructre. Needless to say, the reality of our City’s aging water system hit many Philadelphians smack in the face this… Continue Reading

But Will Women Still Be Able to Drive?

Posted in Marcellus Shale

My friend BJ Kraemer at  MCFA passed along this article from blog post from Walter Mead’s blog at the American Interest discussing the prospects that: “So dramatic are America’s [oil and natural gas] finds, analysts talk of the US turning into the world’s new Saudi Arabia by 2020” Mead’s post concludes that the recent shale… Continue Reading

Could Environmental Groups Force Water and Sewer Systems Upgrades?

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

The Chattanooga (TN) Times Free Press reports that the City of Chattanooga will be forced to spend hundred of millions of dollars to upgrade its nearly 130 year old sewer system pursuant to a consent decree entered into with the EPA and DOJ.  What lead to the consent decree should be a warning to any municipality… Continue Reading

The Need to Extend Wind Energy Tax Credit

Posted in Construction Law

Wind power is far from the solution to America’s energy dependency problem, nonetheless wind power is part of  the solution.  Moreover, the construction of wind turbines creates hundreds if not thousands of construction industry and manufacturing jobs. Wind power generation firms stand to lose a generous tax credit related to power generated by wind turbines…. Continue Reading

Nationwide is Not Fracking Around

Posted in Marcellus Shale

Interesting piece about Nationwide Mutual’s decision not to issue policies designed to cover fracking.  All reliable non-left wing/ energy from algae proponents unbiased  studies on fracking show that when its done properly – just like when any other construction technique is done properly – there is little risk of harm to the environment, water supplies, or… Continue Reading

Should Organizers of Rowdy Union Pickets Be Prosecuted?

Posted in Unions

In cities like Philadelphia, trade union picketing of a non-union construction site is common place.  Mostly the picketing is tame,.  Occasionally, the unions step it up a notch and bring out a rat or two.  However, sometimes, like in the Goldtex dispute, these protests become rowdy, disruptive, and violent.  Often the owner of the non-union… Continue Reading

CM Project Delivery Method Becomes Offical Policy

Posted in Construction Law

In March, I blogged about a proposal in the then draft Highway Spending bill which would and the potential impact it may have on the procurement method for federally funded highway and transportation project in Pennsylvania.  Specifically, the draft bill amended 23 U.S.C. 112(b), which regulates bidding on Federal Highway projects, to allow for the… Continue Reading