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Monthly Archives: August 2012

FAQ’s About DBE Fraud?

Posted in Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE), Public Contracts

I received a number of questions regarding my last post about the growing number of federal prosecutions involving fraud in disadvantage business enterprise (“DBE”) programs. Do the same rules apply to MBE and WBE contractors? Yes.  MBE’s and WBE’s are both DBE’s.  MBE stands for minority business enterprise.   WBE stands for women (owned) business… Continue Reading

The Growing Prosecutorial Interest in DBE Fraud

Posted in Public Contracts

Yesterday, I “attended” an American Bar Association webinar on “Minority Contracting Programs: A Growing Criminal Risk to Corporations.”   The message was clear – federal prosecutions of DBE fraud are on the rise. Indeed, federal prosecution of DBE fraud has occurred in recent years in the following states:  Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio,… Continue Reading

OSHA Summer Safety Initiative

Posted in OSHA

OSHA has announced a “no-notice” “Construction Incident Prevention Initiative” campaign to “curb construction fatalities.”  OSHA will be focusing its compliance inspections on construction sites in the Delaware Valley. According to OSHA’s Press Release: “During campaign periods, OSHA sends all of its compliance officers into the field to conduct immediate inspections when unsafe working conditions involving… Continue Reading

The War Against West Virginia

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

The Obama Administration’s War Against Coal economic impact on the State of West Virginia is well known.  But  has the Obama Administration actually declared war on the entire State of West Virginia?  It certainly seems like it now that the Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to place the “Diamond Darter” on the endangered species list.   Moreover, the Energy Law… Continue Reading