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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Is the DOT’s DBE Program Failing

Posted in Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE)

(This post is a guest blog post from John Sullivan, Esquire.  John specializes in DBE issues and disparity studies.  His website is and his he can be reached via email at The title of the recent USDOT Inspector General’s audit is blandly bureaucratic – “Weaknesses in the Department’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Limit… Continue Reading

Do Civic Associations Need to Be Contained or Protected?

Posted in Construction Law

Prescription drugs are an interesting paradox.  When taken in the right dosage, prescription medicine can save your life.  However, if you take too large of a dosage you risk killing yourself.  Civic Associations that posit an similar paradox.  On one hand, these associations give a voice to citizens who are rightfully concerned with the type and location… Continue Reading

Philly Flags Firms for Flaunting DBE Rules

Posted in Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE), Public Bidding, Public Contracts

The City of Philadelphia flagged eleven (yes this one goes to eleven) prime contractors for flaunting the City of Philadelphia’s DBE rules according to the City of Philadelphia Office of Inspector General.  According to the news release, the chief offender, William H. Betz, Inc., may have gotten off easy.  According to the OIG, Betz facilitated… Continue Reading