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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Is This the End of the “Safe Harbor” Provision of the Pennsylvania Bond Law?

Posted in Payment Bond Claims

The Pennsylvania Public Works Bond Act permits unpaid second tier subcontractors and supplier (i.e. sub-subcontractors) to make payment bond claims.  However, the “safe harbor,” provision of the Pennsylvania Prompt Pay Act bars payment bond claims by second-tier subcontractors and suppliers once a general contractor makes payment to a subcontractor in privity with those second-tier subcontractors. … Continue Reading

Exploring the Limits of Union Protests

Posted in Secondary Boycotts, Unions

When unions picket a construction site to warn about a non-union contractor’s destruction of area wage and labor standards, the First Amendment does not give them unlimited protection for their actions.   Philadelphia Magazine’s Property blog has a story about an ongoing labor dispute between Philadelphia trade unions and an apartment developer that brings to the… Continue Reading