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Monthly Archives: December 2013

FAQ’s Regarding “Double Breasted” Construction Companies

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Unions

The terms “double breasted” or “dual shop” contractor refers two construction firms often sharing common ownership one of which is a signatory to a collective bargain agreement (the union firm) and the other that is not (the open shop firm).  Here are some frequently asked questions I have received in counseling clients who either already… Continue Reading

Did the City of Philadelphia Just Give Away $5.5 Million?

Posted in Government Contracts

Daily News reporter Jenny DeHuff has a story about how the $50 million Dilworth Plaza renovation project has been delayed 10 months and that the City is paying the general contractor an additional $5 million because of the delay.  According to Mayor Nutter’s spokesman the reason for the delay is: “We understand that the project… Continue Reading

Terminating a DBE Subcontractor? Not So Fast My Friend

Posted in Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE)

Fans of ESPN’s iconic program College GameDay are probably familiar with host Lee Corso’s catchphrase “No So Fast My Friend.”  For the uninitiated, the phrase is usually used to preface Mr. Corso’s disagreement directed towards another host’s seemingly obvious prediction about a game.  The phrase is also an apt preface to describe what transportation contractors should… Continue Reading