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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Support H.B. 874: Eliminate Crimes Code Loophole For Union Harassment

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I write to urge you to support House Bill 874.  Pennsylvania’s criminal code currently declares harassment, stalking, and deadly threats to be protected activities when perpetrated by a party engaged in a labor dispute. House Bill 874 . No one, management or labor, should be allowed to lawfully harass, stalk, threaten violence or make bomb… Continue Reading

How An Obscure Ruling Involving the SEC Impacts Construction Contractors

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Recently, a colleague at lunch asked me if I was familiar with a case involving the constitutionality of Securities and Exchange Commission administrative law judge proceedings.  (Both the CATO Institute and the Wall Street Journal have covered the case.)  What appears to be an obscure constitutional case that lawyers talk about at lunch, could actual… Continue Reading

Department of Labor To Ramp Up Worker Classification Audits

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In recent years, government regulators has stepped up enforcement actions against companies that wrongfully classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees.  According to the Wall Street Journal, those actions could sharply increase.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that: Last year, the Labor Department started awarding $10 million in annual grants to state labor… Continue Reading