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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Federal Judge Rips Shady Procurement Practices at DRPA

Posted in Public Bidding

In an opinion overturning a $17,000,000 bridge painting contract for the Commodore Barry Bridge, a United States Federal Judge called the procurement practices of the Delaware River Port Authority “a black box . . . obscure and unexplained, and lacking any indicia of transparency or the hallmarks of a deliberative process.” The case involved lead paint remediation… Continue Reading

Details Matter: The Importance of Strictly Following Public Bid Statutes

Posted in Construction Law

Contractors bidding on public contracts know that failing to strictly following all of the technical aspects contained in the instructions to bidders can mean the difference between a winning and losing bid.  In the span of two weeks, I was involved with two cases that underscored the importance of this axiom.  Both cases involved New… Continue Reading