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Monthly Archives: February 2017

District Court Allows DBE False Claims Act Case to Proceed

Posted in Construction Law, Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE), False Claims Act

Last week, I posted about how whistleblowers continue to receive large settlements related to DBE fraud. A somewhat recent case from the federal court in Maryland shows how whistleblowers are ferreting out DBE fraud on construction projects receiving any form of federal funding. The Case The case involves a bridge painting project in Maryland that… Continue Reading

Whistleblowers Continue to Receive Large Settlements in DBE Fraud Cases

Posted in Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE), False Claims Act

It has been awhile since I last blogged about fraud involving the Department of Transportation’s disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) program.  Trust me, the problem has not gone away. If anything, prosecutions and civil claims filed under the False Claims Act alleging DBE fraud have become so frequent, I could not write a blog post about… Continue Reading

Suing a Local Government in Land Use Cases – Part 2 – Procedural Due Process

Posted in Government Contracts, Public Contracts

In my last post I discussed suing a local government for a substantive due process violation. In this post, I discuss a the right to procedural due process. The Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects prohibits the government from depriving an individual or business of life (in the case of an individual), liberty, or… Continue Reading

Suing a Local Government in Land Use Cases – Part 1 – Substantive Due Process

Posted in Public Bidding, Public Contracts

Because of my personal political persuasions (pro-freedom) and success in litigating cases against the government and other media about those cases businesses frequently approach me about bringing claims against local governments and agencies for interfering with their Constitutional rights.  Actions by local government agencies that could give rise to a Constitutional violation include: treating a developer’s project differently than a… Continue Reading