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Can a Non-Union Company Be Compelled to Arbitrate?

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Unions

Some of the most viewed topics on this blog are those concerning double breasted company.  That is a two separate firms, commonly owned, one that is a signatory to a union and the other that is merit shop. An issue frequently encountered with double breasted construction companies is an union arbitrator’s jurisdiction over the non-signatory… Continue Reading

5 Construction Law Trends to Watch in 2015

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Government Contracts, Infrastructure Construction, Mechanics Liens, Public Contracts, Public Private Partnerships (P3), Unions

As we enter the New Year, here is a look at 5 areas that will be a hot bed of legal activity for contractors and their attorneys. 1.   Aggressive Union Activity. Decreasing membership and market share, will cause Big Labor to ramp up efforts to “persuade” public and private owners to use an all… Continue Reading

FAQ’s Regarding “Double Breasted” Construction Companies

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Unions

The terms “double breasted” or “dual shop” contractor refers two construction firms often sharing common ownership one of which is a signatory to a collective bargain agreement (the union firm) and the other that is not (the open shop firm).  Here are some frequently asked questions I have received in counseling clients who either already… Continue Reading

Update: Cement Workers Ordered Back to Work

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Project Labor Agreements

Crain’s New York Business is reporting that an arbitrator has ordered striking concrete workers back to work on four sites covered by project labor agreements (“PLA’s”).  In my previous post, I discussed how these workers were violating the terms of the PLA’s No Strike/Work Stoppages Clause. Despite the Cement Union’s decision to ignore the clear… Continue Reading

Thou Shall Not Picket the Sabbath: More Fallout from Brandon Medical Center

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Picketing

As promised, I am back blogging on construction (however, my previous posts will not be the last your hear about hard money lending). In a previous post, I discussed the scuttlebutt surrounding NLRB’s decision in Brandon Medical Center, which blessed the use of large inflatable rats to protest a secondary employer’s decision to hire a… Continue Reading

Unions Challenge Iowa PLA Ban

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Unions

According to the Des Moines register, two union trade organizations have sued Iowa Governor  Terry Branstad and 10 other elected officials over Governor Branstad’s executive order banning Project Labor Agreements on Iowa Public Projects.  A copy of the Executive Order can be downloaded here:  Iowa PLA Executive Order The Complaint challenges the removal of PLA’s from… Continue Reading