You obtained an award in an arbitration. The arbitrator directed your adversary to pay. But the deadline has passed and you have not received payment. Now what? The award must be confirmed by a state or federal court so that you can use judicial execution practice to collect on the award.  Under Section 9 of

What is an upset tax sale?

Upset tax sales are the process by which Pennsylvania counties sell properties to recover unpaid real estate taxes. Upset sales occur in September each year.  The properties are sold at auction.

What are the notice requirements of the upset tax sale law?

It is well settled that the statutory


73 P.S. § 501, et. seq. is known as the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act (“CASPA”)  is a statute that was enacted in 1994 “to cure abuses within the building industry involving payments from contractors to subcontractors and to encourage fair dealing among the parties to a construction contract.” Zimmerman v. Harrisburg Fudd I

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