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Are You Violating The False Claims Act?

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One of the great things about living in a large city is being able to walk everywhere.  I like walking because it is when I do my thinking.  Sometimes I do too much thinking that it causes me to walk several blocks past my intended location. We sometimes lose focus on what is happening around… Continue Reading

DOL to Hold Prevailing Wage Seminar

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The Department of Labor is holding a seminar on the Davis Bacon Act and related federal prevailing wage laws in Philadelphia on July 10-12, 2012. To sign up for a training session, email name, title, organization, email address and training location to For more information, visit

Prevailing Wage Bills Advance

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Our friends at the Commonwealth Foundation reported that six bills passed the Pennsylvania General Assembly which would amend Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage Law and potential save taxpayers millions.  Accord to the Foundation: •HB 1271: Defines “maintenance work” to include road repairs, which reduces the number of projects subject to Prevailing Wage Act requirements. •HB 1685: Requires… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Looks to Amend Definition of Prevailing Wage

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Earlier this week I posted about the GAO study which found serious flaws in the way the DOL formulates prevailing wage rates that must be paid to employees on federally funded construction projects.  The Davis-Bacon Act applies only to federally funded construction projects.  However, most States have so called “little Davis-Bacon” Acts which require prevailing… Continue Reading

Study Finds Errors In Davis Bacon Wage Rates Determinations

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K&L Gates published an interesting review of a GAO study that – shockingly – found flaws in Davis – Bacon Prevailing Wage Act Determinations.  As readers probably already know, the Davis-Bacon Act requires contractors on federally funded construction projects to pay employees “prevailing wages” and benefits.  The Department of Labor’s Wage-Hour Division sets the “prevailing wage”… Continue Reading