The solar energy industry has seen tremendous growth.  In 2012, solar panels generated 3.3 billion gigawatts of power. That amount is expects to more than double to 7.2 billion gigawatts by the end of 2013.  Solar energy is now a $77 billion industry and solar energy stocks are among the top performers on Wall Street.  

The headline of a recent article on Lexology grabbed my attention:  “How to Guarantee the HOA Can’t Litigate the Condo Construction Defect Claims.”  The authors’ means to preventing litigation of construction defect claims was even more intriguing: arbitration clauses.

How can arbitration clauses guarantee that no ligation over construction defect claims occurs?  It can’t.  Arbitration 

An unfortunate side-effect from the mid-2000’s construction boom is claims regarding faulty workmanship and defective construction.  Because defective construction work is often latent, it may take years before the damage the defect is causing becomes apparent.  Therefore, defects for homes built several years ago are just becoming apparently and the cost to remedy these defects