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Occupy Philly and Delay Damages

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With the contract for the Dilworth Plaza renovation now awarded, the City has notified the Occupy Philly crybabies protestors that they must vacate Dilworth Plaza immediately.  However, the happy campers do not seem eager to move.  It begs the question: how long can they stay before the encampment begins to seriously impact the construction schedule… Continue Reading

Temple of Delay: Spielberg Makes Delay Claims Interesting, Dooms Subcontractor’s Claim In The Process

Posted in Delay Claims

Last night, I took a break from Hurricane Irene coverage and caught an episode of  the Discovery Channel’s award winning, Steven Spielberg produced documentary, The Rising:  Rebuilding Ground Zero.  Interestly, the episode I caught dealt with construction project scheduling and delays.  Specifically, it focused on the challenges that  the project’s concrete subcontractor was having maintaining the schedule… Continue Reading

Will Rejected Bids Lead to Increased Claims

Posted in Contracts, Delay Claims, Public Bidding

What do the following projects have in common:  the Cape May Convention Center; the Western Reserve Road Project in Ohio; and the Guantlett Community Center in Pennsylvania?  They are examples of projects where all bids were rejected because they came in over budget.   While there are multiple reasons for this, by far the two biggest… Continue Reading