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Suing a Local Government in Land Use Cases – Part 2 – Procedural Due Process

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In my last post I discussed suing a local government for a substantive due process violation. In this post, I discuss a the right to procedural due process. The Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects prohibits the government from depriving an individual or business of life (in the case of an individual), liberty, or… Continue Reading

5 Construction Law Trends to Watch in 2015

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Government Contracts, Infrastructure Construction, Mechanics Liens, Public Contracts, Public Private Partnerships (P3), Unions

As we enter the New Year, here is a look at 5 areas that will be a hot bed of legal activity for contractors and their attorneys. 1.   Aggressive Union Activity. Decreasing membership and market share, will cause Big Labor to ramp up efforts to “persuade” public and private owners to use an all… Continue Reading


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Previously, I have written and warned about the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance (“OFCCP”), which I like to call the most powerful federal agency you have never heard of.  The OFCCP purpose is to enforce federal affirmative action regulations applicable to contractors and subcontractors performing work funded, in whole or in part,… Continue Reading

Did the City of Philadelphia Just Give Away $5.5 Million?

Posted in Government Contracts

Daily News reporter Jenny DeHuff has a story about how the $50 million Dilworth Plaza renovation project has been delayed 10 months and that the City is paying the general contractor an additional $5 million because of the delay.  According to Mayor Nutter’s spokesman the reason for the delay is: “We understand that the project… Continue Reading