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5 Construction Law Trends to Watch in 2015

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Government Contracts, Infrastructure Construction, Mechanics Liens, Public Contracts, Public Private Partnerships (P3), Unions

As we enter the New Year, here is a look at 5 areas that will be a hot bed of legal activity for contractors and their attorneys. 1.   Aggressive Union Activity. Decreasing membership and market share, will cause Big Labor to ramp up efforts to “persuade” public and private owners to use an all… Continue Reading

L&I Continues to Skirts Its Responsibilities

Posted in Infrastructure Construction, OSHA

Has anything changed with the way L&I conducts business in the wake of the Market Street building collapse?  Perhaps not surprisingly, no. In today’s Philadelphia Daily News, Helen Urbinas shares a story of a neighbor who is plagued by an adjoining home that is in danger of collapse. Despite a report from a structural engineer… Continue Reading

Fixing Aging Water Systems by Selling Them

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

In many older former industrial cities, like Philadelphia, water main breaks and, even worse, gas main breaks are common place.  The cause of all of them is the same: the deterioration of components that are nearly a century old.  Now, have you ever wondered why the electrical infrastructure in these same cities do not experience the same… Continue Reading

The War Against West Virginia

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

The Obama Administration’s War Against Coal economic impact on the State of West Virginia is well known.  But  has the Obama Administration actually declared war on the entire State of West Virginia?  It certainly seems like it now that the Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to place the “Diamond Darter” on the endangered species list.   Moreover, the Energy Law… Continue Reading

More Environmental Mandates?

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

First, I need to thank for giving me not one but two stories to comment on today.  Bill Reed at the Inquirer reports that the Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection ban on new sewer hookups is holding up construction of several projects in Bucks County. According to the story, last month Pennsylvania DEP… Continue Reading

This Is What Aging Infrastructure Looks Like

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

My crossfit buddy Chris Brennan over at Philly Clout beat me to the punch this morning with a blog post about today’s massive water main break in Philadelphia intersecting with Mayor Nutter’s call for funding to overhaul aging infrastructre. Needless to say, the reality of our City’s aging water system hit many Philadelphians smack in the face this… Continue Reading

Could Environmental Groups Force Water and Sewer Systems Upgrades?

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

The Chattanooga (TN) Times Free Press reports that the City of Chattanooga will be forced to spend hundred of millions of dollars to upgrade its nearly 130 year old sewer system pursuant to a consent decree entered into with the EPA and DOJ.  What lead to the consent decree should be a warning to any municipality… Continue Reading

How Natural Gas Could Benefit Southeastern Pennsylvania The Most

Posted in Infrastructure Construction

Forbes Energy Blog has a guest post from Navigant on why exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a good idea for America.  Exporting LNG is also a must for Pennsylvania in maximizing the economic benefits of the Marcellus beyond just the drilling regions. Southeastern Pennsylvania already has the rough infrastructure to make it a LNG export hub… Continue Reading

Liquid Assets

Posted in Infrastructure Construction, Public Contracts

Check out this trailer for the PBS documentary “Liquid Assets.” Sums up nicely the need to repair our crumbling infrastructure. It also indirectly makes the case for PPP’s especially in the area of water and sewer systems where private companies (like Philly’s own Aqua American) can upgrade, repair, and manage these systems far more effectively… Continue Reading