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Shale Construction Boon

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The explosion of oil drilling in the Bakken Shale is causing a construction boom in East Coast rail yards.   Oil terminal work is particular hot in the Philadelphia area.  According to ENR: In Eddystone, Pa., Enbridge is turning the site of a shuttered coal plant into a rail terminal able to take delivery of… Continue Reading

But Will Women Still Be Able to Drive?

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My friend BJ Kraemer at  MCFA passed along this article from blog post from Walter Mead’s blog at the American Interest discussing the prospects that: “So dramatic are America’s [oil and natural gas] finds, analysts talk of the US turning into the world’s new Saudi Arabia by 2020” Mead’s post concludes that the recent shale… Continue Reading

Nationwide is Not Fracking Around

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Interesting piece about Nationwide Mutual’s decision not to issue policies designed to cover fracking.  All reliable non-left wing/ energy from algae proponents unbiased  studies on fracking show that when its done properly – just like when any other construction technique is done properly – there is little risk of harm to the environment, water supplies, or… Continue Reading

OSHA Issues Alert on Silica Use in Fracking – Cue the Plaintiffs’ Bar

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Oil and Gas Lawyer Steven Saunders in Scranton tipped me off to a new OSHA Bulletin entitled “Worker Exposure to Silica during Hydraulic Fracturing.”  A copy of the Bulletin is available HERE.  With this Bulletin, contractors working in the oil and gas industry can be assured that OSHA is going to be paying close attention to… Continue Reading