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L&I Continues to Skirts Its Responsibilities

Posted in Infrastructure Construction, OSHA

Has anything changed with the way L&I conducts business in the wake of the Market Street building collapse?  Perhaps not surprisingly, no. In today’s Philadelphia Daily News, Helen Urbinas shares a story of a neighbor who is plagued by an adjoining home that is in danger of collapse. Despite a report from a structural engineer… Continue Reading

Did the Salvation Army Violate OSHA?

Posted in OSHA

In the wake of the Market Street building collapse, much has been made of whether the contractor performing the demolition violated OSHA standards and most of the blame has been directed (rightfully so) to the building owner, the demolition contractor, and the City of Philadelphia.  The Salvation Army has thus far avoided scrutiny.  That may… Continue Reading

OSHA Summer Safety Initiative

Posted in OSHA

OSHA has announced a “no-notice” “Construction Incident Prevention Initiative” campaign to “curb construction fatalities.”  OSHA will be focusing its compliance inspections on construction sites in the Delaware Valley. According to OSHA’s Press Release: “During campaign periods, OSHA sends all of its compliance officers into the field to conduct immediate inspections when unsafe working conditions involving… Continue Reading

OSHA Issues Alert on Silica Use in Fracking – Cue the Plaintiffs’ Bar

Posted in Marcellus Shale, OSHA

Oil and Gas Lawyer Steven Saunders in Scranton tipped me off to a new OSHA Bulletin entitled “Worker Exposure to Silica during Hydraulic Fracturing.”  A copy of the Bulletin is available HERE.  With this Bulletin, contractors working in the oil and gas industry can be assured that OSHA is going to be paying close attention to… Continue Reading