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Court Affirms Injunction Against Mass Picketing …. For Now

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The Pennsylvania Superior Court gave general contractors and non-union real estate developers a early Christmas gift and a bit of positive news going into the New Year in a recent decision that upheld (for the most part) a trial court’s preliminary injunction enjoining labor unions from engaging in mass picketing and gate blocking of a construction… Continue Reading

Why It Took So Long to Indict the Ironworkers

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News of the indictment of 10 members of the Ironworkers Union, left many wondering “What took them so long?”  As any developer or merit shop contractor will tell you, the actions that the Ironworkers are alleged to have engaged in are not solely the purview of the Ironworkers.  Indeed threats, violence, and property destruction are… Continue Reading

FAQ’s About Union Picketing

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With a high number of their members still out of work and an increased willingness of owners to build projects using non-union construction in traditional union dominated markets, trade unions have increased their picketing activity on projects using non-union labor.  Here is a list of frequently asked questions we receive from owners and contractors working… Continue Reading

Philly Union Members Arrested

Posted in Picketing, Right to Work is reporting that the Philadelphia Police Department has arrested two union members for assault arising out of shenanigans at the Goldtex site.  Here is the video of the incident that led to the arrests: In an early post this month, we asked if there should be more arrests of union leaders and members for… Continue Reading

Anti-Union v. Anti-Union Tactics

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Is the controversial Goldtex project the beginning of the end for the last union-town in America?  Ryan Briggs over at has an interesting piece that explores this question.   I have been an outspoken proponent of what the developers of the Goldtex project are doing.  I applaud them not because they are trying to bust up… Continue Reading

Fighting Back Against Union Tactics

Posted in Picketing

Anyone who has tried to undertake a significant construction project in the City of Philadelphia can testify to the brotherly love organized trade unions show them.  Well according to the Philadelphia Daily News, one developer is fighting back. Like many developers, Post Goldtex is the victim of a classless and illegal picketing campaign brought by… Continue Reading

Section 303 Private Rights of Action: What Do If You Receive a Letter from the Carpenters’ Union.

Posted in Picketing, Secondary Boycotts, Unions

Yesterday, I talked about how the Carpenters’ Union has been sending letters to neutral employers threaten to picket a job site if a merit shop contractor were permitted to perform work on that site.  I received multiple inquiries asking what a contractor can do if they are the target of such a letter.  The most… Continue Reading

On Offense: Carpenters Get Agressive with Letters to Neutral Employers

Posted in Picketing, Secondary Boycotts

In the past year, the NLRB has issued a series of opinions which give a rather “liberal” interpretation of Section 8(b)(4)(B)’s prohibition on threatening, coercing, or restraining a neutral employer from doing business with someone.  Bannering, “Ratting,” and even infiltrating worksites impersonating federal immigration agents have all passed muster with the Board.  Apparently, bouyed by these… Continue Reading

Thou Shall Not Picket the Sabbath: More Fallout from Brandon Medical Center

Posted in Construction Labor Law, Picketing

As promised, I am back blogging on construction (however, my previous posts will not be the last your hear about hard money lending). In a previous post, I discussed the scuttlebutt surrounding NLRB’s decision in Brandon Medical Center, which blessed the use of large inflatable rats to protest a secondary employer’s decision to hire a… Continue Reading

NLRB Fails to Tag Carpenters YouTube Video

Posted in Picketing, Unions

In a shocking decision, the NLRB recently ruled that the Carpenters Union did not violate Section 8(b)(1)(A) of the NLRA when it infiltrated a non-union contractor’s job site, videotaped non-union employees, and then posted the edited video on YouTube. In Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters (Forcine Concrete), the Board addressed  an unfair labor charge based upon a YouTube… Continue Reading

NLRB Clarifies Definition of Coercive Tactics

Posted in Picketing

The National Labor Relations Board’s decision in United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joinders of America, Local Union No.1506 (Eliason & Knuth of Arizona, Inc.)  355 NLRB 159 has received a great deal of discussion after the Board held that “bannering” was a “non-coercive” activity that did not violate Section 8(b)(4)(ii)(B) of the NLRA.  For those wondering what… Continue Reading