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Philly Union Members Arrested

Posted in Picketing, Right to Work is reporting that the Philadelphia Police Department has arrested two union members for assault arising out of shenanigans at the Goldtex site. ¬†Here is the video of the incident that led to the arrests: In an early post this month, we asked if there should be more arrests of union leaders and members for… Continue Reading

Senate Bill Seeks to Add Pennsylvania to List of Right to Work States

Posted in Right to Work

The Pocono Record reports that State Sen. John Eichelberger has introduced legislation that would make Pennsylvania a “Right to Work” state.¬† According to the article, the Senator Eichelberger’s bill would: Eliminate the automatic deduction of union dues and political contributions from public employee paychecks. Prevent the automatic deduction from public employee paychecks to unions’ political… Continue Reading